Donna Senders – By My Own Means

Written by on 13 november 2021

There’s been a major downside of me taking time off. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be back again, but I also found out I’ve been missing out on some great releases, like a-lot! So while it’s damn near impossible to go over all those releases, I just can’t pass on this one!

‘Cause we all have been dealing with this one way or another, self-doubt. And Donna and Mr. Self-Doubt were besties for years, until it suddenly dawned on her that it was only herself who was the one stopping her from doing what she love the most!

And I’m happy she kicked Mr. Self-Doubt to the curb, ‘cause it’s her contagious positivity that makes her jazzy, sassy and grooveliciously smooth! So, this is for everybody who proudly do whatever they wanna do, or needs a little reminder that it’s ok to do so!..

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