Let’s Get Back Into The Groove

Written by on 31 oktober 2021

Hey, how ya doing? Remember me? Hell, I don’t know if I should re-introduce myself or not, ‘cause it’s definitely been awhile! I don’t wanna get into it too much, but I went through some major changes in my life this year, that has been happy, scary and sad at the same time.

So, I had to take some time off, figuring sh*t out. And while I’m still getting used to this new chapter of my life, I did come to the conclusion that I’m gonna use it as a fresh new start! To pursue the things that really makes me happy, on a personal level, but also with my music promotion.

That means changes are coming. Out with the old, and slowly starting with the new. I don’t wanna give too many details right now, but I think it’s gonna be cool! Just keep an eyeball on the blog, ‘cause I’ll be doing more of these behind the scenes updates along the way.

As for now, I’m gonna start blogging again. ‘Cause with so many new discoveries and groovelicious releases these days, I’ve got ‘itchy trigger fingers’. No fixed times, no fixed days, I’ll hit you straight away as soon as I find them, just like I did with d’Z & Vivian Veronique last week.

I’m ready! Are you? Let’s get back into the groove!..


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