Melissa ??

Hey! I am Melissa! I think I was 14 when I started developing my own taste in music. Before that I mainly listened to what was being played on the radio at the time, but gradually I discovered that there was much more music, which I also liked much more. I may have been a late bloomer in this, but once I got loose it went fast at once.

My brother gave me my first CDs at Christmas, it was a box-set with the first four studio albums of Coldplay. Half a year later I received Night Vision from Imagine Dragons for my birthday, and again six months later at Christmas All This Bad Blood from Bastille. (fun fact: there is EXACTLY half a year between my birthday and Christmas, so every six months is a party.)

Then there is a second great love in my life. My book collection is about the same size as my CD collection. Give me Stephen King, Tess Gerritsen or Thomas Olde Heuvelt and I am a happy person. And Harry Potter, but we’re not going to talk about that now. I dream of being able to furnish a full room with all the books and music I have collected. And even though my collection is nowhere near that, I can find satisfaction in the fact that my collection is now too big for the space I have now.

Although I was born in Vlissingen, I grew up in Middelburg and would like to call myself a real ‘Middelburgse’. Although I am currently studying psychology in Tilburg and regularly stay there, I come back to Middelburg every weekend and I don’t see myself leaving here in the future.


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