Arrested Development – Vibe

Written by on 6 november 2021

Man, this threw me back to the early 90s, when I started out as a baby radio DJ at a pirate radio station and got to spin Revolution, Mr. Wendal and Tennessee. Hip-Hop that really meant something!

I was a Yo MTV Raps junkie, soaking it all up and making the tuff decisions on which releases I should get with the little money I earned with my paper round. But I lost interest in Hip-Hop over the years. Cheap beats, unintelligible, or if you were lucky enough to make something out of it, meaningless lyrics. The Hip-Hop I knew, was practically gone.

Till now, ‘cause with Configa on the beat, Tasha LaRae and Cleveland P. Jones vocals, Speech’s mellow yet thought provoking flow and Big Daddy Kane’s lyrical wisdom…

Let me put it like this. It’s not about the old-school or nu-school, it’s all about the true-school! And if this is the taster of what’s to come with Arrested Development’s highly anticipated new album For The FKN Love, I’m definitely feeling the Hip-Hop Vibe again!..

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