Fire City Funk – Surrender To Me

Written by on 8 februari 2022

I’ve been on TikTok for a while now and while I’ve managed to post some silly stuff, I still don’t get it, for myself that is. But the app is amazing to discover new artists and music, and today I came across Zach Montana, an aspiring artist who’s amazing in his own right btw!

But he’s blowing up right now with this 43 year old groove his father wrote and recorded back in the 70s, but never saw the day of light and Zach knew nothing about. It blew his mind, shared it on TikTok and it went viral. It went so viral, Zach and his father decided to finally release it after all this time and I totally understand why!

So, which label is gonna have the balls to release this on vinyl? ‘Cause this groovelicious piece of 70s disco funk definitely survived the test of time and deserves to get pressed on wax! Just sayin’!..

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