d’Z & Vivian Veronique – Sunlight

Written by on 24 oktober 2021


Now I know I’ve been away for a long time. Let’s just say I’ve had some major changes in my life this year, which included me moving to a new place. It’s been hard and even scary at times, but with the help of close friends, I’m about to get back into the groove of things again.

And that’s exactly what Sunlight is all about, about feeling the warmth of those tiny rays of sunlight through your dark clouds.

Hell, I’ll be honest, it felt like it was especially written for me when I heard it for the first time! Those heartfelt vocals, the smooth groove, the build-up, it all just fits! And no, it’s not one of those tear-jerkers, if you know what I mean. Altho, when those beautiful, epic strings kicked in…

Let me just say, thanks d’Z & Vivian Veronique, for being my musical rays of Sunlight!..


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