MF Robots – Gold (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)

Written by on 15 november 2021

Well, turns out I’m late to the party when I discovered Dawn Joseph and Jan Kincaid today. Not fashionable late, but late late! I somehow missed their ‘invitation’ a few years back, ‘cause they already have multiple singles and albums under their belt!

But on the other hand, that’s also the fun part of discovering music. I never know when or where I’ll find new artists and/or grooves. But when I (in some cases finally) do, I’m sure as hell still having me some serious fun! ‘Cause it’s their irresistibly lush blend of groovelicious funk, dreamy disco and subtle soul, that felt like I simply stumbled upon a big pot of Gold!

And for all you vinyl freaks out there, MF Robots’ new album Break The Wall will become available in January as a 3LP. Or if you’re like me, you can also grab a copy on CD!..

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