OJAM – Arm Candy

Written by on 17 december 2021

When Vivian Veronique came by the radio show a few weeks ago, to talk about the single she with d’Z, Sunlight, she also mentioned OJAM was about to release a new single, but ‘forgot’ to bring a little teaser with her. It just drove me f*@king insane, ‘cause it has been awhile since Disco 2020. Aaaargggghhh!

But hot damn, it’s been well worth the wait! ‘Cause when those first bass licks hit, you’ll find yourself back in the groovelicious 80s, as if you’ve never left! The flirtatious vocals, contagious synths and beat, they got that nostalgic funk down to a tee!

Oh, and don’t forget to break-out some popcorn besides your boogie shoes, ‘cause their Tarantino-esque music-video is just like Quentin’s movies, one to watch over and over again!..

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